Curb Your Enthusiasm – The Theme Music

I remember a lot of television programmes by the theme music.  I won’t know the episodes, I’ll barely know the characters, but I should be able to hum the theme tune if it’s a good one.  A recent example of that – far too recent for my memory – is Curb Your Enthusiasm.  The theme tune is just among the best on television.

I’m reading a biography on Larry David at the moment and I was really glad when the writer came across how Larry David, the creator, discovered the music especially in giving the name of the piece and its writer, which although the composer is alluded to in this video piece the name of the composition (Frolic) is not.  I like when things come together neatly.

It’s also reassuring to see the composer still about long enough to give a solo rendition of the work for which he’s probably most famous.  Hearing it makes me appreciate the composing process all the more.  Great piece for a groundbreaking programme. Enjoy.




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