Remember When Mike Tyson Meant Something?

Not so long ago back when Haye took on Harrison and the crowd went mild, an aspect of the build-up to the match was an interview with Mike Tyson to get his views on both boxers.  What I heard was a really rational, coherent, clear-thinking impressive gentlemen offering his opinions in a manner that most would respect even if they didn’t agree.

This was quite the revelation because of the image that he put across for most of his career as someone who wasn’t necessarily blessed in the rational intelligence department.  Yet perhaps the sands of time has allowed the man to mellow and mature at least for public viewing and all the best to the guy.

Remember when he was a big deal, though?  Back in the mid to late 80’s he was the man and I’m quite sure boxing has not come across anyone near his status since, which for boxing fans is a shame.  So although he was on the wane when he happily to Mr. McMahon’s money to take part in this feud between Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold Steve Austin way back in 1998, Tyson was still a kudos bit of celebrity addition.  He also obviously had fun doing what he did to pick up that pay-check.

Those were the days.  Enjoy.




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