Optimus Prime

Auditioning for Optimus Prime

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I used to watch Transformers – the cartoon. I think I was into it. Certainly remembered that opening theme tune and Optimus Prime. So it was cool coming across this story of how the voice for Prime happened. 

Be strong enough to be gentle. Good advice. 



C. L. J. Dryden 


Transformers on David Letterman

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So as you know I’m into the writing and I’m into the reading and I’m into the Internet and I’m into the blogging … anyway after a rather effective evening’s work I’m just about to have me late night snappin’ when I come across this.

Not pee yourself laughing hilarious, but for all true Transformer fans it is hilarious. Thanks Mr. Letterman and even if it wasn’t the voice a big thanks to Peter Cullen for having such an awesome voice of everyone’s favourite Autobot leader in good times and bad as seen below. Enjoy.