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Among Friends – Summer Update

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Let me see, it’s July. Now there’s no more a summer month than July. Don’t get me wrong August is a very long month and all, but at least with football starting it’s a good hint that summer is about to nip off.

Here we are in the wasteland that is July. I am not a fan of the summer at all. I am certainly not a fan of July – Dr Who is over, no football is really happening and there’s nothing but cricket and tennis – what a wasteland.

Although the blog has been somewhat dormant in June – obviously recovering from the season’s exertions – the desire is to pick up a somewhat regular routine of blogging during these summer months. There’s certainly a fair bit to blog about among friends.

There’s the Premier League Predictions season to wrap up as well as those long held thoughts on what I the season that’s finished before the new one begins. There’s tons of football stuff to consider as well as pre-season gets up and running.

Speaking of seasons there’s my comments on the tenth season of Doctor Who that’s finished. That also sees the completion of Peter Capaldi’s third season in the lead role and it’s a good time to review how things have gone for him and for the programme. Lots of writing there, I can tell you!

There’s also my views on the latest seasons of Arrow, The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow to share on here. The Arrowverse is more or less well established and it will be intriguing to just leave a thought. Meanwhile Netflix have built a strong Marvel output and with The Defenders about to bring Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist together, it’s an opportune time to drop a word on how I found those programmes.

There is no guarantee that I will be able to write about all of that before the summer is through, but that’s certainly the plan. In all of that I also hope to be posting intriguing or hilarious videos that I might come across, as well as the soundtrack of my life as I come across it to share.

So although summer is by no means my favourite season of the year, I am still looking to make the most of it with the input on here among friends.


C. L. J. Dryden


We Keep Rolling – Life Among Friends in 2017

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Year in and year out.

The year out that was 2016 was a good one for me personally. On this site, not necessarily as prolific as I would have liked or as expansive in some ways. I am glad that at the start of the Premier League season for 2016/17 I was able to get some content down regularly in terms of the fixture predictions.

When it came to movies last year, I could not help but have a sense of disappointment. That came about because of the level of expectation when you saw the movies released. Other than Civil War, the other big super hero films were not great. At best they were acceptable.

Thankfully the hype won’t get much bigger this year because the only super hero movie with something big going for it is Spider-Man: Homecoming. The DC Cinematic Universe is playing catch-up big time, so the degree of expectation for Wonder Woman and the Justice League movie are certainly tempered.

Music is still a major interest here on Among Friends even if it hasn’t been frequented in 2016. That should hopefully change as we keep rolling.

What I did enjoy in 2016 culturally was the Luke Cage series on Netflix. That was a good watch through. Daredevil season 2 was an enjoyable watch too. Marvel certainly have that covered in a good way where storytelling is concerned. Iron Fist coming out this year has a lot to live up to, but the degree of consistency that Marvel have developed gives a degree of trust that they can do the right thing by this character as they head towards The Defenders.

2017 on Among Friends is about the importance of just keeping rolling. The idea is to have at least one post a week on the different areas of interest that AF covers. Dr. Who returns for series 10 in the Spring. The year absence was an interesting move to make for the series, I have some thoughts about that and the upcoming series, but that should pop up nearer the time.

So we just be rolling and anything new pops up you will be the first to know.


C. L. J. Dryden

Moffat Moves On – Chibnall Moves In

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The statement was made lately that there are major changes taking place in the world of Dr. Who.

No new series in 2016 and only the Christmas special at the end of the year will be new Dr Who television this year. Moffat will do series 10 in 2017, then Chibnall does series 11 in 20018. That’s pretty good planning ahead.

Reading this release, though and the reasoning for leaving series 10 until 2017 is a bit naff. Just because there are events going on in 2016 is no good reason to postpone the series until next year. Also they have set themselves up for greater expectations when the Doctor returns. The problem is there’s little that can be done that will truly live up to that level of hype. It’s not to say it’s impossible, it’s merely stating that scope of the programme under Moffat places heaps of pressure on all concerned to live up to their own expectations. That’s not necessary.

It is too early to write the closing chapter on the Moffat years seeing as though he has just under two years left. It’s also way too early to consider what Chibnall will do in taking over the show.

What that means as well is that BBC will have a job to do in attracting interest again in the programme. It will be particularly odd because that would work if you were getting the new head writer, that works as a refresh and reboot of the programme with all things new. As it is this is acting more as a return to finish off something – build up to complete the trilogy of the Capaldi years.

I would be very surprised if Capaldi stays on for Chibnall’s first season in charge. It just feels right to have a fresh start with everything as it made sense to have a fresh start with everything when Moffat took over from Russell T. Davies. As I discover all too often, however, just because it makes sense, doesn’t mean it will go that way. As I sense though, it would be a bit odd for Capaldi to stay in the role for what would be going onto five years. It would be odd and I don’t see it happening.

This is one of the small advantages of the wait, though. It gives plenty of time for speculation for those interested. Speculation on the direction of the series under Chibnall. Speculation as to what Moffat could possibly do to end his tenure well. Speculation on how they could possibly pitch the Christmas special in 2016 to attract interest from people who have been starved for a year. Speculation on the new companion and if that person will be a crossover companion or a one season wonder. Lots of things to keep those interested looking at things to keep themselves entertained for the year.

What I do hope the BBC do in the meantime is effectively fill that year gap with more developments on the programme and particularly getting series 8 and 9 up on Netflix in the UK quickly.

In the meantime for lots of interesting Dr Who related videos I recommend TARDISArchives to you.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden

Not Forgotten – Life Among Friends in 2016

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So much has changed over the years of blogging on Among Friends and so much has remained the same.

Things that have changed include the sort of YouTube channels I enjoy. This year sees the 10th anniversary of Among Friends and in that time I’ve come across fascinating, interesting channels. In fact even over the last year my interest in YouTube football channels has increased considerably. It’s not unusual now for me to be subscribed to fan channels on Everton, Tottenham, Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal as well as my beloved Liverpool.

These channels have deepened my love of football. They give a perspective on football that other aspects of the media fail to reach. I am not just reading what a broadsheet says, or some middle-aged journalist who is full of himself to believe he’s an authority on the game. To get the biased and considered opinions of the people who love the game and love their club just adds such richness to following the game. Hopefully in the weeks and months to come I will get to share some of the insights from those channels.

A major development over the last year as well has been my interest in the work of Hank and especially John Green. I can’t tell you where I got into him, but I know once I watched an episode of Crash Course US History which featured John Green, I was sold on the guy. That then morphed into loving the Vlogbrothers channel and the dialogue that takes place there. Then there was the interest in Crash Course US Government and Politics which features a witty character called Craig aka Weezy Waiter. Lately I’ve caught up with what that channel is all about and it is hilarious!

I still watch Dr. Who. As series 10 begins its development in the next few months it’s worth sharing my views on how things have progressed over the last series or two. In as much as I am not put off watching the show and it’s certainly capable of very good stories, I have to say the last series was … Well I’ll write about that, hopefully, and share that soon.

Super heroes!!! Wowsers there has been an explosion of super hero related programmes and movies in the last year or so. Compared to ten years ago the super hero scene on TV and cinema has exploded. There’s much that I could write about the Daredevil series one especially with series two around the corner. There’s also the Jessica Jones series to get into as well, which is worth a comment or two. This week in particular is a huge one if you’re a fan of DC comics as Arrow and The Flash return for the second half of their seasons. Also coming up this week is Legends of Tomorrow, which again is a fascinating development that should be worth a comment or two. All of these are of interest to me.

There’s all this and so much more (movies, music, books, funny stuff, etc.) in the pipeline that I could write about and share here. This is the place to explore all of those things and more. As the last few years would have indicated, I’m not always able to post on here as regularly as I’d hoped. Ideally I would post something on here once or twice a week. With the range of interests I have it wouldn’t be a problem – but it’s all about the time! So as time allows I’ll share the videos that I’m interested in as well as continue to share my views on these cultural matters.

That’s all to look forward to, for the time being, thanks for the visits to the bits and bobs on here, that I’m happy to share among friends.



C. L. J. Dryden

A Decade Of The New Doctor

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I have not ignored the celebrations of the ten years since Dr. Who returned to television.

There have been some outstanding videos posted in tribute to this and it has been beautiful being reminded of the journey from Eccleston and Piper to Capaldi and Coleman.

This is just one of those superb videos – the colour effect is excellent and the flows from one scene to the other is masterful. Enjoy.

For His Name’s Sake


C. L. J. Dryden

“Do I Have The Right” – Excellent Moments in Dr. Who

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I was told about the epic part of the Genesis of the Daleks story, but I thought it was over-hyped. Until I watched it.

It’s always good to come across something that meets the expectations given from others raving about it. It helps that you have the best fit for the role pulling off an aspect of his character requiring a degree of angst and conflict rather than the jovial approach for which he was known.

It’s really clever slipping in this piece of philosophy and thought in a programme watched by children as well as adults. Good writing and well portrayed.


C. L. J. Dryden

The Top Regenerations

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It’s that time between series of Doctor Who when you’re obliged to do something useful with your time and not get bogged down by the wait.

Surprising as it is considering it’s not all that long since the last regeneration, I haven’t written anything about my favourite regenerations. .