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Earth, Wind and Fire – After the Love Has Gone

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This is one of those versions that give a good taster of the real track would sound!

Still worth listening to for the beginning beat stops and the fact that after all these years obviously these gentlemen have never come across the concept of taste in fashion.

Enjoy this one


Hi, I’m a Marvel…and I’m a DC. (Mac PC Parody) #1

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Check this series out if like me you love your comics – quality stuff.  If you check the brother’s stuff out it is awesome!

The Incredible Hulk Ending As It Should Have Been?

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As it should have been eh? I do like it for the wrestling link!





Making The Most Of Your Opportunities

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So, my team Liverpool gallantly lose in the Champions League final to AC Milan. I have no complaints. Milan did not dominate the match, but Liverpool did not make the most of their opportunities to score. Some pundit said that Pennant wasn’t good enough or had insufficient quality, but I felt Pennant played very well. He cannot help it if when he’s in a position to do damage but there’s no one to cross to and when he did cross more often than not it set up potential goal-scoring opportunities. Once more the inability to put spherical object between and underneath set posts as well as completely over the white line has meant we missed out. I felt the Mascherano substitution was wrong as proven by the winning goal being scored after he came off where before both he and Seedorf were subdued. That’s easy to say in hindsight and I can just about see Benitez’s logic in making that decision especially if planning for extra time and penalties.

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No one to blame really, we just didn’t make the most of what we had and were made to paid for it. I do think its justice that Milan won the title – they are a better team, although they didn’t play like it yesterday. I have this thing that great teams should win the big trophies and that’s what has happened this season.

As a result this season for Liverpool can be adjudged to have been a disappointment. We met the bare minimum requirements for a club our side of qualifying for the Champions League next season. Our domestic cup runs were disappointing, although my mate Billy did highlight that this was because of the postponements in the League Cup clashes which meant that we played a number of games close to each other including the Barcelona matches so they took priority. For all that though we still should have made a better account for ourselves and were thus exposed to fair accusations from Chelsea of only focussing on one trophy. For a club our size that’s not good enough. We’re not in a position to challenge on all four fronts – and I don’t think we will be next season either – but we still should at least have a couple of trophies in which we’re strongly challenging.

Although it is a disappointing season there is still hope for the future. With new owners and a sense of optimism at the club and indication of changes over the summer the prospects are positive. I still have confidence that Benitez is the right man for the job, I am hopeful that we’ll do more than catch up with Chelsea and Manchester United next season and we can win the Premiership. Nothing else matters for me. We’ve done the Champions League gig, we’ve done the FA Cup deal, no one’s that fussed with the League Cup – the Premiership is the goal. I wouldn’t mind Mourinho complaining that we were only going for one trophy at the end of next season if that was in regard to the Premiership.

Coming Up On Among Mates

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Look out for some reviews on the autobiographies on these footballing heroes – I’ll leave it to you to guess who they are!