AF Sponsors

TV shows have sponsors.  Football club needs plenty of sponsors.  Hey even runners for charity need sponsors.  So the outstanding blog that is this one must have its sponsors and as time goes by the number of those who want to be associated with success just keeps mounting up.

To be fair, when I say sponsors, I do mean those that have kept the writers of this blog going.  As yet they have not actually overtly contributed financial support for the blog … but it’s just a matter of time, I’m sure.

In the meantime, have a look at those who have made it possible to enjoy …

August 4 2010 – Aero

August 6 2010 – Ginger Beer

November 13 2010 – Mars Bar

January 19 2011 – Chocolate Digestives

February 2 2011 – Roy of the Rovers

February 8 2011 – Beefburgers

February 20 2011 – Peter Beardsley

March 9 2011 – Strawberry Ribena

July 9 2011 – Blockbusters

 October 19 – Strawberry Fruittellas


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