Premier League Prediction – Week 15

Good week for most of the teams in Europe this week. Most of them winning. Those always likely to go through to the next round making it through to the next round.

That counts for nothing when it comes to the Premier League. How will results pan out in the first in a two part set of fixtures for the week?

Chelsea 3-0 Newcastle United (1 point – actual score – 3-1)

Brighton 1-3 Liverpool (1 point – actual score 1-5)

Everton 3-1 Huddersfield (1 point – actual score 2-0)

Leicester 1-1 Burnley (0 points – actual score 1-0)

Stoke City 2-2 Swansea (0 points – actual score 2-1)

Watford 2-1 Tottenham (0 points – actual score 1-1)

West Brom 1-1 Crystal Palace (1 point – actual score 0-0)

Arsenal 2-2 Man Utd (0 points – actual score 1-3)

Bournemouth 1-1 Southampton  (3 points)

Man City 5-0 West Ham (1 point – actual score 2-1)

Well that’s 8 points in total. Over the course of this season so far that’s slightly better than average. It’s not great or impressive, but it’s not shabby. There’s a three pointer in there too which is pleasing. It’s a 60% correct outcome percentage which again is better than average.

That was then, this is now and so it’s a matter of how I reckon the fixtures this weekend will go and there’s no doubt that the tastier matches are reserved for a truly super Sunday as the the two biggest northern derbies take place. Here’s what I reckon the scores over the weekend will end up with.

West Ham 0-2 Chelsea

Burnley 2-1 Watford

Crystal Palace 2-1 Bournemouth

Huddersfield 2-1 Brighton

Swansea 1-1 West Brom

Tottenham 3-0 Stoke

Newcastle United 2-1 Leicester City

Southampton 1-3 Arsenal

Liverpool 3-1 Everton

Man Utd 2-2 Man City

I noticed that when it comes to major fixtures I’ve sometimes copped out a little by suggesting a draw. That’s usually because I genuinely believe that the two big sides will overall cancel each other out. The way City are collecting points gives them the edge overall, but their performances have been gritty more than anything. This United side are not the same that were beaten at Old Trafford in the same fixture last year. They could very well win this match. It’s a tough call, there may not even be that many goals in it, but I still see the draw.

Let’s see how it goes.


C. L. J. Dryden


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