Premier League Prediction – Week 31

Oh, so in recent days the actions of a particular player has brought the issue of predicting match outcomes under scrutiny. OK to be fair it’s more about the gambling than anything. Interesting arguments flying around about that issue. It’s worth mentioning that this right here, this predicting of games, goes no further than the points I update from week to week. No betting, no gambling, no money in and no money out. It’s all for the fun in the game. 

Speaking of fun and games in predicting football games, the Premier League trundles into its final month. As we bid farewell to April, we have another intriguing round of league fixtures. Before that, let’s see how I did with those non-gambling related predictions in the midweek. Just points on offer as ever – three points for a spot on prediction, one point for a correct outcome and zero points for being wrong, wrong, wrong on the whole show. 

Chelsea 2-1 Southampton (1 point – actual score 4-2) 

Arsenal 3-1 Leicester City (1 point – actual score 1-0) 

Middlesbrough 0-0 Sunderland (0 points – actual score 1-0)

Crystal Palace 2-3 Tottenham (1 point – actual score 0-1)

Man City 2-2 Man Utd (1 point – actual score 0-0)

Four out of five correct outcomes is a decent return, but only getting four points for it with no spot on prediction hurts things a little. But like the Murphy’s, I’m not bitter. I just move on to the next set of games looking to do a little better than before. 

So let us see exactly what those fixtures consist of and see if I can do better. 

Southampton 1-1 Hull City 

Stoke City 2-2 West Ham 

Sunderland 1-1 Bournemouth 

West Brom 1-2 Leicester 

Crystal Palace 2-1 Burnley 

Man Utd 2-1 Swansea 

Everton 2-2 Chelsea 

Middlesbrough 1-3 Man City 

Tottenham 2-1 Arsenal 

Watford 1-1 Liverpool 

The final North London game at White Hart Lane is the game to watch this weekend. Spurs win and it seals their superiority over their neighbours for the first time in nearly a generation. Lose and the same old doubts will arise about them despite the progress they definitely have made over the last season. Meanwhile Chelsea’s trip to Merseyside isn’t going to be easy. Lovely league fixtures to feast over this weekend. What’s going to happen? 

Let’s see how it goes. 


C. L. J. Dryden 


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