We Keep Rolling – Life Among Friends in 2017

Year in and year out.

The year out that was 2016 was a good one for me personally. On this site, not necessarily as prolific as I would have liked or as expansive in some ways. I am glad that at the start of the Premier League season for 2016/17 I was able to get some content down regularly in terms of the fixture predictions.

When it came to movies last year, I could not help but have a sense of disappointment. That came about because of the level of expectation when you saw the movies released. Other than Civil War, the other big super hero films were not great. At best they were acceptable.

Thankfully the hype won’t get much bigger this year because the only super hero movie with something big going for it is Spider-Man: Homecoming. The DC Cinematic Universe is playing catch-up big time, so the degree of expectation for Wonder Woman and the Justice League movie are certainly tempered.

Music is still a major interest here on Among Friends even if it hasn’t been frequented in 2016. That should hopefully change as we keep rolling.

What I did enjoy in 2016 culturally was the Luke Cage series on Netflix. That was a good watch through. Daredevil season 2 was an enjoyable watch too. Marvel certainly have that covered in a good way where storytelling is concerned. Iron Fist coming out this year has a lot to live up to, but the degree of consistency that Marvel have developed gives a degree of trust that they can do the right thing by this character as they head towards The Defenders.

2017 on Among Friends is about the importance of just keeping rolling. The idea is to have at least one post a week on the different areas of interest that AF covers. Dr. Who returns for series 10 in the Spring. The year absence was an interesting move to make for the series, I have some thoughts about that and the upcoming series, but that should pop up nearer the time.

So we just be rolling and anything new pops up you will be the first to know.


C. L. J. Dryden


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