Another Word About Arsenal 

The video highlights how Arsenal fans are losing their minds again after the latest two defeats. Some suggest that the Gooners are too fragile and contribute to a ‘toxic’ atmosphere at the Emirates. Their situation, if it is toxic, is purely down to the board’s satisfaction with their manager being satisfied with finishing in the top four

I enjoy following top flight football fairly closely. That means I have had some interest in the meteoric rise of Chelsea over the last 15 years and the similarly dramatic transformation of Man City’s fortunes in the last six years.

Yet no other club has intrigued me like Arsenal. .

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect Arsenal to put in a credible title challenge. I don’t think it’s unreasonable with their resources for them to have had a credible stab at the Champions League at least once in the last ten years.

As it is, however, they have failed miserably on both reasonable expectations.Yet they have been told they should be grateful to still have such a great manager who allows them to persistently underachieve.

Say what you like about United but they were right to sack Moyes and they were right to sack LvG.

Say what you like about Chelsea but they were justified by the trophies they have won to replace the managers when they did. If they win the league again this season it will justify their decision to change and further damn Arsenal’s intransigence.

Comments about being careful what you wish for with regards to sacking such a ‘successful’ manager actually get worse the longer you keep the guy who really is a specialist in failure. It will take any new guy at least two seasons to wash out the Wenger Way from the club. He will have to do that whilst dealing with a significant faction of the fan base who only know Wenger. Any alteration to the Wenger way will be met with suspicion even if they win the main trophies. Indeed God have mercy on their soul should they fail to win.

This is why a healthy space of time for a manager at a club really shouldn’t go longer than seven years. Any longer and you run the risk of ruining the club as United are still smarting from. 

Arsenal will be worse, though. And the board will have no one else to blame other than themselves.

There endeth my Arsenal spiel for the time being.


C. L. J. Dryden 


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