1000 Published Posts and Counting …

I was minding my own business when a statistic came to my attention. Having completed and posted the last piece predicting the Premier League scores for last week in pressing that Scheduled button and at 12:34pm when it was published I had just posted the 999th blog entry on Among Friends.

Had I not noted that I would have just carried on and the 1000th post would have been the football predictions for this coming week’s Premier League action. With all due respect to Premier League football that would not have been the best way to celebrate 1000 posts on Among Friends.

So it’s just to use this landmark to say thanks to both Blogger at the beginning and WordPress in the last six years for hosting Among Friends over these 1000 posts. I am glad I got into blogging, it’s a great outlet for doing what I love doing – reading and writing.

Among Friends has not had the attention and investment as The Other Place has had where my blogging is concerned. That is not for the lack of ideas and desires for the blog, it is down to the priorities of where and how I invest my time and energies.

It is good to be able to now be able to get something posted on a weekly basis on blog to keep it active. I am working at that pace at the moment with no plans to change that in the short term despite the huge rush of ideas that I still have for the blog.

There is, however, another milestone that also came to my attention whilst noting the landmark of this 1000th post. That milestone is that come October – yeah next month – Among Friends will celebrate its tenth year anniversary! Ten years of Among Friends – wowsers. That’s a big deal worth celebrating somehow, so we will see how that goes.

So with 1000 posts and ten years there is no more fitting a way to cap it off than posting a song featuring my favourite artist that gives a good idea of what motivates all the blogging. Thanks again for your time.



C. L. J. Dryden


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