Moffat Moves On – Chibnall Moves In

The statement was made lately that there are major changes taking place in the world of Dr. Who.

No new series in 2016 and only the Christmas special at the end of the year will be new Dr Who television this year. Moffat will do series 10 in 2017, then Chibnall does series 11 in 20018. That’s pretty good planning ahead.

Reading this release, though and the reasoning for leaving series 10 until 2017 is a bit naff. Just because there are events going on in 2016 is no good reason to postpone the series until next year. Also they have set themselves up for greater expectations when the Doctor returns. The problem is there’s little that can be done that will truly live up to that level of hype. It’s not to say it’s impossible, it’s merely stating that scope of the programme under Moffat places heaps of pressure on all concerned to live up to their own expectations. That’s not necessary.

It is too early to write the closing chapter on the Moffat years seeing as though he has just under two years left. It’s also way too early to consider what Chibnall will do in taking over the show.

What that means as well is that BBC will have a job to do in attracting interest again in the programme. It will be particularly odd because that would work if you were getting the new head writer, that works as a refresh and reboot of the programme with all things new. As it is this is acting more as a return to finish off something – build up to complete the trilogy of the Capaldi years.

I would be very surprised if Capaldi stays on for Chibnall’s first season in charge. It just feels right to have a fresh start with everything as it made sense to have a fresh start with everything when Moffat took over from Russell T. Davies. As I discover all too often, however, just because it makes sense, doesn’t mean it will go that way. As I sense though, it would be a bit odd for Capaldi to stay in the role for what would be going onto five years. It would be odd and I don’t see it happening.

This is one of the small advantages of the wait, though. It gives plenty of time for speculation for those interested. Speculation on the direction of the series under Chibnall. Speculation as to what Moffat could possibly do to end his tenure well. Speculation on how they could possibly pitch the Christmas special in 2016 to attract interest from people who have been starved for a year. Speculation on the new companion and if that person will be a crossover companion or a one season wonder. Lots of things to keep those interested looking at things to keep themselves entertained for the year.

What I do hope the BBC do in the meantime is effectively fill that year gap with more developments on the programme and particularly getting series 8 and 9 up on Netflix in the UK quickly.

In the meantime for lots of interesting Dr Who related videos I recommend TARDISArchives to you.

For His Name’s Sake
C. L. J. Dryden


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