Not Forgotten – Life Among Friends in 2016

So much has changed over the years of blogging on Among Friends and so much has remained the same.

Things that have changed include the sort of YouTube channels I enjoy. This year sees the 10th anniversary of Among Friends and in that time I’ve come across fascinating, interesting channels. In fact even over the last year my interest in YouTube football channels has increased considerably. It’s not unusual now for me to be subscribed to fan channels on Everton, Tottenham, Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal as well as my beloved Liverpool.

These channels have deepened my love of football. They give a perspective on football that other aspects of the media fail to reach. I am not just reading what a broadsheet says, or some middle-aged journalist who is full of himself to believe he’s an authority on the game. To get the biased and considered opinions of the people who love the game and love their club just adds such richness to following the game. Hopefully in the weeks and months to come I will get to share some of the insights from those channels.

A major development over the last year as well has been my interest in the work of Hank and especially John Green. I can’t tell you where I got into him, but I know once I watched an episode of Crash Course US History which featured John Green, I was sold on the guy. That then morphed into loving the Vlogbrothers channel and the dialogue that takes place there. Then there was the interest in Crash Course US Government and Politics which features a witty character called Craig aka Weezy Waiter. Lately I’ve caught up with what that channel is all about and it is hilarious!

I still watch Dr. Who. As series 10 begins its development in the next few months it’s worth sharing my views on how things have progressed over the last series or two. In as much as I am not put off watching the show and it’s certainly capable of very good stories, I have to say the last series was … Well I’ll write about that, hopefully, and share that soon.

Super heroes!!! Wowsers there has been an explosion of super hero related programmes and movies in the last year or so. Compared to ten years ago the super hero scene on TV and cinema has exploded. There’s much that I could write about the Daredevil series one especially with series two around the corner. There’s also the Jessica Jones series to get into as well, which is worth a comment or two. This week in particular is a huge one if you’re a fan of DC comics as Arrow and The Flash return for the second half of their seasons. Also coming up this week is Legends of Tomorrow, which again is a fascinating development that should be worth a comment or two. All of these are of interest to me.

There’s all this and so much more (movies, music, books, funny stuff, etc.) in the pipeline that I could write about and share here. This is the place to explore all of those things and more. As the last few years would have indicated, I’m not always able to post on here as regularly as I’d hoped. Ideally I would post something on here once or twice a week. With the range of interests I have it wouldn’t be a problem – but it’s all about the time! So as time allows I’ll share the videos that I’m interested in as well as continue to share my views on these cultural matters.

That’s all to look forward to, for the time being, thanks for the visits to the bits and bobs on here, that I’m happy to share among friends.



C. L. J. Dryden


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