I Kind of Hate Batman

Have I mentioned how late I am to things? I am so late it’s not funny.

Crash Course. Nobody told me. I didn’t notice. Not until maybe a week or so ago. Then I noticed and boy did I notice! To use a term that might be somewhat familiar with the site, it is awesome. (Which you’re encouraged not to forget to be.) I love the channel, not because it’s always right, or always entertaining or always good, but because it’s always reminding me of the beauty and wonder of communication as a tool to stimulate thought.

My chief reason for loving the channel is John Green. I love his delivery. I love his humour. It also massively helps that he’s a Liverpool AND Dr Who.

To then discover he did more than just vlogging on Crash Course was a delightful. This video is a typical example of what the guy is like on a subject I like too, namely super heroes. His critique of Batman is superb. Doesn’t stop me liking Batman, but I do so more conscientious of some issues with the concept of the Dark Knight. Enjoy.

C. L. J. Dryden


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