Among Friends 2015 Update

This blog keeps on ticking over however infrequent the blog entries and they have been rather infrequent particularly over 2014.

As we embark on a new year it’s worth addressing the issue to the best of my ability at this time. To do that, let me establish the purpose of the blog. This is a site for interests and hobbies. Things like football, music, television, movies, funny stuff and that sort of thing. You should find on here opinion pieces on television programmes and football. You can come across the occasional book or movie review.

It has not been a pressing issue to blog on a daily basis or numerous times in a month. Blog posts are usually stimulated by something of interest either taking place or something coming to my attention. It’s a place for chilling out and releasing thoughts and sentiments on issues. It’s not something to be taken too seriously, but it is something to be enjoyed. The whole ethos is it to be something that can be shared among friends.

As an outlet for these issues, it is not my plan to close the blog or finish it. Although I am certainly not looking to blog at great frequency, as with other areas of life I am hoping to build up consistency on blogging. The desire is that there will be a weekly blog entry. That might increase if the interest and time affords, for example there will always be quality music tracks to highlight and in the past there’s been a stretch where music tracks alone frequently featured. This would be an added bonus, however, as the basic desire is to blog on a weekly basis. Those weekly blog entries are likely to be on Monday lunchtimes.

There are always things to blog about here, coming soon will be my own take on the Steven Gerrard decision to leave Liverpool at the end of the season. The television programme Arrow will also get looked at in the coming weeks. There’s always more to come from me about Doctor Who. I am committed to reading books and reviewing them more this year, right here.

So with that and more, look forward to seeing interests that can be shared among friends in the coming weeks and months.


C. L. J. Dryden


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