The Night Of The Doctor – Review

I was absolutely gobsmacked when I saw it. I’m not that engrossed in fandom to pay attention to all the rumours about what will happen.  I had no idea that this would happen, so the surprise worked for me.

It was a delight to get another televisual episode of Paul McGann as the 8th Doctor and Moffat’s script more than did him justice. It shows just how much you can say in 8 minutes, and if they were clever, they could get a lot more conveyed in making more little minisodes like this one.

What makes it a treat for a Dr. Who fan like myself is how it weaves together so many strands of the show’s history – Karn, Time War, Regeneration, etc. It combines elements of action, tragedy, humour, intrigue and mystery.

Excellent all round performances, and I’m a big fan of the regeneration itself and the lines of how the universe doesn’t need a Doctor, “Make me a warrior now … Physician heal thyself”. Superbly done.

McGann is the first romantic Doctor. (Davison, the closest previous Doctor that could be argued as a romantic Doctor, was not a romantic, he was a soft, vulnerable, easily perplexed anti-Tom Baker Doctor, heroic despite, rather than because).  It is fitting that he should be the one who can no longer escape the implications of the war, and so must turn from the caring bedside manner Doctor, to the Warrior.

I have yet to read a negative review of the mini episode, which has got to be something, seeing as though fans are not always receptive to what the BBC presents.

The last post I’ve done on the Doctor reflected a fairly underwhelming approach to the anniversary.  This episode did something more than anything else to genuinely look forward to the big show on 23/11/13 with a bit more expectation.

Such has been my excitement about the big show after this, and especially after a recent survey, I’m somewhat inspired to write a little bit more of how I’ve enjoyed the programme.  So before the big show, expect some more writing that’s Doctor-related.


C. L. J. Dryden


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