Dr. Who Trailer – The 50th Anniversary Approaches

There are now just 10 days until the 50th Anniversary special of Dr. Who pops up on our screens.

There’s no other way of saying it – it is a big deal for Dr. Who fans.  It’s a big deal for television history, as few programmes make it to such an age.

To be honest, I’ve done what I can to keep my hopes down.  Not having all the living Doctors feature in the episode is a disappointment.  A lot of the build-up to the celebration has been somewhat underwhelming.  The announcement of programmes to come on the BBC has been rather ‘meh’.  In fact when I saw what BBC America were doing in the week of the event, I was properly cheesed off that yet again the fans across the pond appear to be getting all the good stuff, whilst we’re left with documentaries about the ‘science’ of a television fiction hero.

The trailers they have shown in recent weeks, have done much to at least let me know the BBC are not side-shuffling the event.

The first one with the combination of characters old and new was cool.  The ones broadcast this weekend just gone were interesting too.  I don’t watch them and think, ‘wow, this is huge it must be special’.  I do watch them and think ‘this is cool, something different for the Doctors to face, should be interesting’.  That is significantly better than nothing.

Plus at least after the episode we don’t have to wait so long for the next episode.  And what an important episode THAT will be when we come across the regeneration from 11 to 12.

All fun and frolics for Dr. Who fans.


C. L. J. Dryden


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