Now That The Window’s Shut

Some thoughts on the transfer window, now that it’s shut.

1. I agree with those who suggest the window should be shut before the action starts. That just appears to make sense. Therefore it probably won’t happen.

2. Some clubs really did well in buying and selling players, where other clubs either caught the habit too late (yes you, Crystal Palace), or dilly-dallied and at the end of ot scrambled about suffering for it (hello, Manchester United).

3. Spurs did superbly well in the window. Levy could not have done much more to express confidence in his head coach than to let their best player to leave at the latter stages of the window only after investing in 7 players that make the squad far greater and deeper than it was last year. Lamela and Soldado for goals, Chirches for defensive options, Paulinho and Capoue to bolster the middle. Chadli for wing support. Great work.

4. The overall work done by Everton is also to be applauded. Milking more for Fellani than the initial buy-out clause, nabbing Lukaku and Barry on loan, getting Deolefeu – all good business that gives Martinez the platform to improve on his predecessor. Speaking of which …

5. Moyes said after seeing his side lose to Liverpool on Sunday that he would be content with the squad he had if no one joined when the window shut. He must be the only one who would be. Failure to get decent left back competition and over paying for Fellani makes this a fairly poor start to his era as far as squad building is concerned. Even United fans would concede their competitors have done a lot better than them in the window.

6. There are Arsenal fans still in disbelief that they have a world class talent like Ozil in their ranks. They are delighted and rightly so. Yet this window has still been a big fail. Spot the odd one out – Higuain, Rooney, Suarez and Ozil. What were Arsenal’s needs going into the window? A number 10? Really? Most of the Summer was spent being linked to a much needed striker. There was a need for a defensive midfielder, cover in defence especially the centre and a quality keeper. What did they get? Two freebies, one of which has been injury prone in the last two seasons, a goalie who is not anything close to being the answer … and the marquee signing that says big money but doesn’t address needs. Still, they wanted Wenger to spend, so he did.

7. Whilst their neighbours flounder in the market, Manchester City have done smart work and done it early.  To the extent that they need not do any transfer business on the last day.  That gives the impression of a club who knows how to plan and execute it’s transfer policy properly.  Some might put that down to their financial firepower, but Arsenal were claiming to have a significant war-chest, and Manchester United are hardly on their uppers.  The Citizens just appear to have done their business properly investing in improving the squad in key areas and looking better equipped to go for the top spot.

8. Chelsea’s transfer window has been interesting. In as much as I’m delighted to see Mourinho back in the Premier League it is bizarre to spend so much money to strengthen the strongest area of your side.  The swoop for Willian just appeared to be an expensive spoiling tactic from their White Hart Lane rivals.  Other than that, they have not set the League alight with their players.  It will be good to see Eto’o, but he is certainly past his prime and Schurrle appears to be the sort who is merely functional than inspirational.

There are other things I noted, but now that the window’s shut we’re in a better position to guess how this PL season will pan out. This I shall do in an upcoming post.

C. L. J. Dryden


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