Well Worth Watching: House of Cards – US Version

I was minding my own business the other day, and then I came across a tweet talking about the U.S. version of the British political drama of the early 1990’s called House of Cards (which in itself based on a series of books by Michael Dobbs).

If you have never watched the British original, I would in the most strongest terms possible recommend them to you.  The trilogy of series covering House of Cards, To Play The King and The Final Cut are available on DVD and although there is a gradual decline in overall quality, there is still enough to interest you in the storyline, and the key performance of Ian Richardson as Francis Urquhart is one of the best acting displays I’ve come across.

So the news that an American version was being put together, left me rather intrigued.  Then when I discovered that the premiere was available for FREE on Netflix, I was intrigued even more.  Then when I found out that the entire first series would be available to you only through Netflix on subscription, I deduced a cunning marketing ploy.

I still watched the FREE premiere (which is only free for the month) and I must say it has the ingredients for a most fascinating take on the tale of power, corruption and the human being in his most starkly ambitious and manipulative.  It sets the scene very well for what it is all about, and Kevin Spacey in the key role as Frank Underwood is already a worthy centralising force in the piece in a unique and distinctive manner to Richardson’s Urquhart.

I’m saying it’s well worth watching.


C. L. J. Dryden


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