I Am The Doctor – A Tribute

It’s nearly the end of January, but there is still no new Doctor on the scene until April.  So in the meantime it’s about making the best of what has been and as plans gather pace behind the scenes with the powers that be as to what will happen with the 50th Anniversary celebrations, we can still salute what has gone on before.

This is a superb tribute to the show that has produced some quality, gripping stories since its inception in 1963.  There was an event last week featuring the five of the actors who played the Doctor.  It was for a worthwhile cause called Project Motormouth.  Just seeing the photo of Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann and David Tennant made me really excited not just about what could be, but about what has been.

The body of work this programme has left behind is substantial and worth a view in all its eras through all its Doctors.




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