What’s Going On At Among Friends?

Since the launch of AF back in 2006, the blog has gone through a series of changes in frequency, and content.  At one point between 2010 and early 2012 the blog was able to manage a steady number of blogs a week, and the idea was to be able to post something at least three times a week reflecting the diverse range of interest AF looks to represent.

In the middle of 2012 personal circumstances caused a sharp decline in blogging activity and of late there has rarely been a post.  During this time there has been thought as to the future of AF – would it still function and if so in what format and in what regularity.  Those thoughts are ongoing, but there is a desire to continue AF.  That is because there are still so many things happening in the diversity of interests that are still of great fascination both currently and in its whimsical fashion.

– Dr. Who celebrates its 50th birthday in 2013 – and the closer it comes to the celebration the more there’ll be stuff worth blogging about.

– Football still raises various talking points.

– Good music still has to be posted.

– There are movies still worth reviewing both in the present and those of yesteryear.

– Funny stuff is popping up all over the place that’s worth blogging about in form or another.

That is reason enough to keep the blog going, but as of this time, the regularity of the blog will be somewhat scatty until further notice.  By that I mean, the aim will be to post at least one entry a week.

As things become clearer regarding personal circumstances and the room to commit to blogging, so I’ll keep you updated.




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