Introducing The Dryden-Kind (DK) FA Cup Challenge


This is Andy Kind.

When giving a profile on people it’s customary to put down what they do and in some people’s cases you can say one thing and it covers it, and then there are those who are rather better than you and me who have a number of strings to their bow.  Andy Kind is one of those latter types.

Speaker, trainer, motivator, professional stand-up comedian, blogger, writer, author, friend, brother, husband and most recently a father this brother has so many strings to his bow that they’ve had to make more bows for him.  Not that I’m jealous or anything.  (Just that I’m jealous and everything.)

I had the privilege of getting to know him when I saw him run a comedy workshop for young people at the North Staffs YMCA.  These young people came from broken homes and had messed up lives big time, so things like self-esteem and confidence were at an all time low.

Andy was able with his wit and insight to patiently come alongside the young people and open their awareness to a world in which not only they belonged, but were highly valued for the great contributions they could make.  Truly inspiring stuff from this man.

Despite being a very popular guy and talented to the hilt, he still chose to befriend me and among other things we shared a great interest in football.  Andy is a committed Arsenal fan and has been so ever since he got the football bug.  Knowing I’m a Liverpool fan, he takes great pleasure in sharing one of his favourite memories of being an Arsenal best seen below.

It was our mutual interest in football that lead him to invite me to pursue a rather delightful challenge.  That was to start at the very early stages of the FA Cup and follow the winners in each round in their progress through the tournament.  This challenge would involve traipsing across to various football grounds, coming across all sorts of characters and documenting the adventures that would ensue.

So as the rounds go by, the journey will be recorded here on the blog for your persual, and who knows how it will turn out?  Look out for the first part of our journey on this blog tomorrow.




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