The Pandorica Speech – Matt Smith vs. Sylvester McCoy

I reckon when fans of Dr. Who look back on the whole series from Hartnell to Smith they will truly come to appreciate Matt Smith’s first season in the title role.  Praise can’t be given enough for the story-arc that pervaded that series.  Not that it was the first time a story-arc was practised in the serial, but this one with such intriguing elements that somehow revolve around the Doctor was quality storytelling.

One of the highlights was this magnificent little speech that the Eleventh Doctor gives when he’s surrounded by virtually every important enemy he’s had to face all in search of the Pandorica.  To be fair, it took me more than once to hear it through because I thought some of it was a bit muffled.  Hearing it clearly though and given the zest in Smith’s performance rightly makes this one of the top parts of Smith’s portrayal of the time-traveller.

So it was a very good idea not so long ago at another Sci-fi convention to have the Seventh Doctor give it a go.  Now of course he’s not doing it like he’s thoroughly prepared and giving it the full whack, but it is intriguing to watch.  What makes it all the more of interest is that the kind of storyline the Doctor finds himself in where he appears to know more than he’s telling and even with the then mysterious River Song lurking, it still comes back to what he knows and doesn’t know especially with the time-wimey stuff.  When you consider that level of intrigue, no other previous Doctor could have fitted that better than McCoy’s.




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