Dr. Who Review Series – An Introduction

The Three Doctors – These three men will occupy the review space in the coming weeks. David Tennant, Matt Smith and Christopher Eccleston L-R (Source: doctorwhotv.co.uk)

I am not the first and won’t be the last person to write reviews about Dr. Who episodes. Indeed it’s not the first time I’ve wrote reviews on Dr. Who episodes. Late last year I was able to collect the box sets for all six of the recent series of Dr. Who. So for the first time, rather than having to wait to watch them on TV – and I still watch it when it’s on TV – I can have access to watching these in order and have a view of some of the changes from series to series.

It’s been something I’ve wanted to do to watch and review the whole thing since its 2005 launch and now I have the opportunity to do so. It will eventually mean new reviews on episodes I’ve already reviewed and I’d rather do it that way to get an interesting perspective on how I view the same thing in later times.

A good question to ask is why review these in the first place? What do I have to offer that cann’t be read in the plethora of reviews already available on quality sites? The primary reason for writing these reviews is actually an exercise of appreciation on my own part.

Moffatt and Davies are the main men responsible for the success of the show since 2005 with excellent writing and overseeing other writing for the show. (Source: hypable.com)

I would not have invested the money in these unless I thought it would be worthwhile. I would not have invested time in watching these unless it was worthwhile. That is not to say every episode is worthwhile, but it is to say if it’s worth my investment, it’s worth my appreciation. For a series like Dr. who which I’ve loved for a long time it’s worth noting the appreciation on the record.

I am not aiming to go out of my way to unique and give an angle that other sites haven’t used before. I write the way I do with the hope that it will be engaging for the reader and at the very least they’ll have an understanding of what I watched and more importantly where I come from in what I make of it.

So in the weeks to come look forward to a review of one of the best television programmes on television in order from the first one of the new incarnation as started in 2005.




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