Players I Would Pay To Watch – An Introduction

July for all the deal with the Olympics and such is a football wasteland. (Source:

You must know it’s the pre-season lull when I haven’t written a football based post in over three weeks summarising what I got from Euro 2012.

That gap between the end of one season and the beginning of another is truly a test of a football lover’s patience.  It is a relief to have an international tournament, but there still remains those agonisingly long summer weeks to wait with the tired and boring transfer rumour merry-go-round being all there is to occupy the minds of footie journalists.  The pre-season friendlies are good for the players to gain match fitness but little other than that.

What to do?

Well there was the option of just going barmy with the wait, but to the rescue came two cool ideas.  One was to carry on with FM2012 which I’ll blog about in the near future.

Pele unhappy at not being in the AF list of Players I Would Pay To Watch … probably. (Source:

The second idea that  came to me was inspired by reading this blog about the best 30 players the geezer has seen.  Now as with all lists of its kind it is there to be disputed.  I  am not here to dispute it mainly because I cannot be bothered, but also because it is prefaced by the fact it’s the guy’s opinion and it’s up to being changed as time goes by and who is to argue with a man’s opinion.

Reading it, however, got me thinking about players I have enjoyed and currently enjoy watching.  Being the bookworm I am, in my younger days I read quite a bit about the teams of the 1950’s to the early 1980’s, but I hardly watched them play even on recorded material, so I’m not in a position to rate them.

Maradona livid at missing out on the prestigious AF list and also upset at seeing no room for Herbert Winsthorpe (Source:

I got into football and appreciating it in the late 1980’s.  So I have some sort of an idea of the players who were a deal in the era from that time to this.  Despite being an avid football enthusiast it’s only been in the last few years that I’ve been able to translate that interest into watching an occasional live in a stadium.  I find the cost of watching a match – ticket, travel, food, etc. challenging.  So if I watch a match it must mean something either because of who is playing or the company with whom I’m watching it.

I’m looking to put together a list of players who I would pay now – or would have paid then – to watch.  The beauty of this series as with the hombre’s Top 30 list is that it is just my opinion – each selection will have my own reasons for the choice which won’t be too out of whack, hopefully, but whether you agree or not, it’s my selection.

So no George Best, Pele, Cruyff, Beckenbauer, Bobby Moore, Maradona, Kenny Dalglish or Herbert Winsthorpe*, who would I have paid to watch?  Find out in the upcoming series.



*Herbert Winsthorpe is a completely made up name to put in the list for my amusement in the hope that you would Google him or see his profile on Wikipedia (he has no profile on Wikipedia … yet.)


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