Martin OnFire – Rugby League – What’s That All About?

Most of the sporting posts on this blog revolve around football, chiefly because I love football.  It’s a game that is true to its title.  It involves a ball and predominantly played with the foot.  American Football is obviously ridiculous as the ‘ball’ is in your hands most of the time.  At least Rugby had the decency to call itself football after the rugby deal and always knew that real football was what some have sadly referred to as soccer.

I liked rugby and was interested in watching one of those Time Of Our Lives nostalgia programmes that focussed on the success of Wigan Rugby League Club.  I remember when I became aware of Rugby League, Wigan were just the dominant force for years.  My mate was a Leeds fan, so I didn’t say anything in his company, but just as I was a glory hunter in football, my affiliation in the League code was for the champs.

Videos like this of Martin Offiah scoring from his own defensive area, reminds me of why I had admiration for rugby players.

It’s not football, but it’s not bad. Enjoy.




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