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I have not always liked Fanta products.  In fact a recent episode depicts how unused to it I was.

I was in a Nandos the other day and made the astute decision to purchase the Bottomless Pit option drink thingy that means when you buy it you can help yourself to as much fizzy as you want.  I took the time to carefully consider the options open to me – Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Sprite and Fanta.  It was what I regard as the Fanta original, the orange one.

I hadn’t tasted the original in a long time because my last encounter with it wasn’t pleasant and it refused to budge Tango from its position as the premier orange fizzy drink of choice.  In any case I tasted it and it was acceptable, so I had some, then mixed it with some of the others and had a good time. (Nandos Note: To make the most fo the Bottomless Pit option you need to have at least 3 glasses full of drink.)

There are different ways to enjoy the Fruit Twist, but there can’t be beating drinking it from this size bottle. Slowly at first, then just wiping it out as you get into it! (Source:

As much as I wasn’t a Fanta Original fan – and by the way Tango Orange remains number one as far as I’m concerned – there was another Fanta product that took pride of place in the Dryden palate.

I have no recollection how I came across the Fanta Fruit Twist, all I remember is that I tasted it overcoming my reservations on the Fanta brand.  I sipped it and gave it that affirming nod of head and sound without opening your mouth.  I sipped further and gave the gasp of a man whose tastebuds had been gloriously tickled.  From sipping the thing I guzzled that bad boy down and from there the love affair began.

Fizzy drinks are not an easy commodity to get right, despite many cheap versions of cokes, lemonades and the like around.  In fact it’s because of the range of choice in the fizzy drink department and the dearth of quality that makes me reluctant in a lot of ways ot engage in it.  Thus the success of Fanta Fruit Twist is something worth applauding and acclaiming.

To explain why it works is actually to explode a myth about fruit fizzy drinks.  Some cherryade drinks are ghastly because they taste nothing close to cherryade.  Likewise some limeade deals really get me chucking the bottle into the bin – which is a big deal for me as I feel that once a drink is started it must be completed.  Fanta Fruit Twist works exactly because it doesn’t taste like any fruit combo you could think of.  It doesn’t tast all that fruity at all, really.  what it does taste like is someone mixing their drinks and getting a fizzy edge to it.  Works a treat.  You couldn’t describe it any other way that a wonderful combo with fizz that gets every part of the drinking process up in delight!

If you work at one thing, it gives you a better chance of trying something linked to it. So from the fruity twist, the next challenge is their Mango and Passionfruit effort. The source for this photo approves. (Source:

Now it’s one thing for a drink to work with me.  It’s another thing completely when it converts the whole family. For, sure enough, once I had tried it and accepted it other members of the family tasted it.  Usually my recommendations can be safely kept to myself.  Sometimes one of my daughters might go for it.  It is rare for everyone to go for it. Yet it didn’t take long at all for everyone to buy in wholesale to the taste.  It’s great.  It’s now something all the girls look forward to and even the wife will enjoy sampling it over her own preferred drinking tipples.  That is the true measure of success with a drink.

Am I ever going to get in to Fanta Original – no.  Fanta Fruit Twist, though, will be a staple for the household for a long time to come and is a welcome addition to the other sponsors of this site.




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