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Well, so it turns out I was wrong about this game. No, honestly, I was wrong. My wife hasn’t left me or anything! (Source: onlinekeystore.com)

Last year I wrote a little piece on the obsession people have with the computer game Football Manager.  Throughout the piece I gave the impression that not only was I over it, but it would never affect me again.  It was a thing of the past and there was no possible way I could ever carry on with that and still maintain a healthy contribution to real family life.

I was wrong.

Back in February with some spare time on my hands – yeah I cannot believe it either, spare time, what a concept – I indulged in the game a little.  A dear work colleague had purchased the game for my birthday back in November, but I hadn’t really got going with it.  Indeed over the end of year and beginning of this year I barely touched if at all.  The inspiration came up to use it though, so I did.  And lo and behold I was able to play it, without it disrupting my life.  Truly a miracle.

When it’s all on the line, you’ll read of my progress in the game! (Source: clipart.dk.co.uk)

Since that time, as I’ve gone through one or two issues, it has proven to actually be a source of great comfort and relief.  Don’t get me wrong I’m hardly saying FM saved my life, but it has certainly been a very big help.  Such was my enjoyment of getting back in the game, that I wrote a few notes about my progress.  Not only that, but in my perusals I came across this brilliant web-site dedicated to sharing Football Manager stories.  Well that got me thinking … then I thought ‘nah, I best leave it to those capable of writing about it’.  Then I had another thought that said ‘come on, this is my blog, whether I’m able to write about it or not, I should surely be able to give it a go here of all places!’ That was a good thought.

Therefore in the coming weeks get ready to relive some fascinating twists and turns in the career of Christopher Dryden: Football Manager.  It should prove to be of some interest, and should it never scale the heights of those experts at that brilliant site, at least it will still a most intriguing story of how on earth I got on with the game.




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