Now Where Was I?

It has been a while since I posted on here, but I can assure you the lay-off is now over and I’m back to blogging as regularly as possible.  Thanks for the views that have cropped up on the blog.  Explanations will be given at another time in the other place.

Funniest thing that happened was getting the record number of views in a day, following Chelsea’s Champions League triumph.  There was an on-rush of people looking to read what I wrote on the victory, only to discover the Chelsea Champions blog I wrote was regarding their Premier League triumph two years ago!  Made me chuckle, anyway.  There will be a blog giving a review on my thoughts of the football season and there is an exciting new feature that will give ongoing updates on my FM journey.  Yeah I know I said I was off it, but allowances were made …

It won’t just be about the football of course, the music will still keep coming on here regularly with views on artists as well as posts of enjoyable tracks to hear.  Media continues to play a prominent part in things here, so expect updates on DVD and movie reviews both of recent releases and older stuff.  Dr. Who will be back on the screens maybe around September time, so that gives a good three months to build-up to that with some review of modern Dr. Who series and of course wildly speculate about the direction of the story.

This and tons of other stuff will be coming up on the blog in the coming days, weeks and months.  The lay-off was longer than I’d have ever thought possible, but it was necessary, just like it’s necessary to get back in the blogging groove, so here I be.  Enjoy.




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