Cook Blogs Worth Viewing – Part-Time House Wife and 2 Mini Cooks

Cooking up a storm on the blogs - check the sites out! (Source:

Yesterday I posted something on cherry bakewell tarts which as you are aware has got to be the greatest delicacy known to man that isn’t chocolate.  And if you didn’t know – now you know.  If you refute it, just because you don’t know, doesn’t mean it’s not there to be known if you know what I mean.

In any case as a result of that I came across the Part Time House Wife’s blog and having a little look around I was bowled over by the design, the photos, the content as a whole.  It’s designed for those who love cooking and the recipes and layout is just beautiful.  The writer isn’t sure if she is blog-worthy, but seriously if she is not blog-worthy no one else would be!

Then I also came across the surprisingly charming and engaging site known as 2 Mini Cooks who make it their point of duty to make things simple to follow and may even get me trying to make some of the recipes in the comfort of my own kitchen.  (The key word is ‘may’.  The last time I tried something in the kitchen … well, that’s why I don’t really try things in the kitchen beyond boiling eggs for me wife and making toast and jam for the girls!) Delightful site and worthy of your visitation so give it a view even if you couldn’t cook to save your life (a bit like me then).

These also go to show that this blogging malarkey is available for anyone who has a passion.  You don’t need to be a gifted wordsmith, you just need to have a passion and then express it.  Both Part Time House Wife and 2 Mini Cooks do so to a superb degree.

So take some time out to give them a peak and enjoy them just as I have!




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