Nostalgia and the FA Cup

Apparently we don't care as much as we used to about lifting this trophy at Wembley.

I like a bit of nostalgia. It’s often good to reminisce about how things were back in the day. The smells, the sounds, the banter, the sihhts amd the feelomhs they evoke are often soul-stirring. That is an experience that makes football the beautiful game it is.

The problem begins when nostalgia refuses to allow us to make progress and appreciate it for what it is. Again football can often be a place where this happens.

It was the FA Cup weekend and with the smattering of minor upsets like Brighton beating Newcastle and Crawley beating Hull it was another opportinity for lovers of yesteryear to moan about how the Cup has been devalued over the years. Oh money has corrupted the game, so goes the argument. The top teams have other priorities lile qualifying for or making progress in the Champions League. There’s no longer excitement about giant-killing. Oh the poor little clubs.

Well I for one am rather bored and tired of these nostalgic whines and groans. For starters big cluns evidently still value the FA Cup as a trophy they’d love to win. Take Rio Ferdinand at Man Utd. It still bugs him that for all the trophies they have wom they haven’t lifted the FA Cup in all his time at Old Trafford. Chelsea loved winning the Cup. It was a big deal for Man City to win it last year. If you’re Arsenal, Liverpool or Spurs who have not won a trophy in too many years, then a trip to Wembley to clinch the most important domestic cup competition in world football is a big deal.

It certainly looks like the Cup mattered to City last season

Winning the Cup is far more memorable than finishing fourth and qualifying for the Champions League.

Even if the Cup isn’t what it used to be, you’re hardly improving anything by banging on about it. The situation is like your Granddad boring with you with tales of how it used to be in his day. Eventually, you just want the old fella to nod off with his Werther’s Originals and shut up.

If comments are constructive and productive then it may help for this generation of football lovers to have their own special experiences with the game. Otherwise it does no one any favours to moan about the current state of the game. Times change and people should acclimatise themselves to it and engage with it to get the best from it. That, or just shut up and chew on your Werther’s.




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