More Doctor Thoughts

Apparently filming on the seventh series of Dr. Who since its return is set to start next month.  Steven Moffat has just come off the success of the second series of Sherlock and considering this and his work on Dr. Who got me thinking again.

The Eleventh Doctor: Basically – Run

When I watch this clip from Matt Smith’s first story it encapsulates very well the confident aura Smith exudes in a role and shows how worthy he is to follow in the footsteps of the many fine actors before him who have looked after the TARDIS.  It is going to be very interesting to see how he works with a new companion as has been mentioned by Moffat recently.  Being assured in the role now it is an opportunity for Smith to stretch himself in the role with the stories given and see how the dynamic changes with a new companion.

I’m not sure if the programme works better with one or more than one companion.  Sometimes extra passengers has seemed rather odd, but the Doctor-Amy-Rory triangle has worked really well and when they leave they will go as one of my favourite companions in the entire series.

There’s also considering what will happen in the build up to the 50th anniversary celebrations and how this series will lead into it if at all.  I’m still enjoying my own thinking about this series playing a part in the three-act structure around the Doctor’s relationship with the Silence and now the fall of the eleventh when that question is asked.




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