Can You Sing A Rainbow?

I keep telling people time and time again, some of the most effective ways of learning is through the power of song.  A good song can help you remember some amazing things.

True story, I would not be able to recollect the colours of the rainbow if it wasn’t for this little song.  So I was reflecting on it the other day and when I tracked down this version I was really pleased.  I love this one as it is one that the children can pick up and I can appreciate.

Poor Peggy Lee.  Someone said she could carry the tune, I’m not sure if she pulled it off that well … at all.  Still, it’s on film, she did her bit and I’m sure she made up for it, by singing other songs well.

So it is left to our Cilla with a lorra lorra luck who has come up with the goods on this occasion.  Her performance is more than admirable.

That’s what I love about being able to sing a rainbow, it can really come in handy when remembering the colours!  Enjoy.




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