My Brave Face – Paul McCartney

When I got into music independent of the music I heard my parents or older sister play one of my first big influences was Paul McCartney.  Aspects of his solo career and his significant contribution to the greatest pop/rock band in history (and the Beatles) all made him and his music fascinating things to follow.

I remember clearly back in the early 90’s coming across the album Flowers in the Dirt which had been out for a few years.  I didn’t know at the time that this was actually a fairly average Paul McCartney album and he had done better stuff years earlier.  At the time a number of tracks on the album were just great pop stuff that I consumed avidly.  One of which was one of the singles from the album – My Brave Face.

Elvis Costello didn’t mean much to me at the time.  I was aware he had some sort of musical presence all his own, but it was only later on that I would begin to appreciate how weighty his own presence was in the pop world, so it’s a delight to know that Macca wanted to work with the brother on this album and it’s cool to compare the polished finished version with the demo that Costello plays on.  Enjoy.




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