Premier League Half-Way Review

With the FA Cup taking people’s attention this weekend, it gives the opportunity to take a look at the state of the Premier League and share some thoughts on how things are going at present.  I don’t intend to mention every team in the league, but if I do …

The pinnacle of english football is to be crowned the champions of the Premier League.  Oh I should say that’s the Barclays Premier League.  I should say that because it seems that without fail people – pundits, managers, players – refer to the thing by its sponsors.  If I had a pound for every time someone mentioned the brilliance, excellence, superb, outstanding nature of the flippin’ BARCLAYS Premier League it would be called the DRYDEN Premier League.  (Good thing the sponsors aren’t Royal Bank of Scotland or that would be everyone’s verbal nightmare.)


The pinnacle is to win the league and at any one time, only one team can win it.  It’s not always won at Christmas, but it is highly indicative who are the runners at this time of year.  At the beginning of the season there were three clubs being touted for the title.  at the midway point of the season there are two clubs highly touted and another team making small whispers about it.  The whisper team are not the original member of the threesome. Spurs – for it is them – did not have the best start to the season, but they have excelled since the transfer window closed having got rid of some driftwood and brought in some real class players as well as retaining Modric.

Overall so far in the season it is fair to say Spurs have been playing the most attractive football and went for a considerable number of games unbeaten and playing the sort of great balanced play from back to front that appeals to most football fans.  As a result they find themselves in a position where they could go level on points with Man Utd, just three points away from top spot.  It is an exciting position to be in and Spurs fans more than ever before since perhaps the golden team of 1987 and perhaps further back to the glory years are seriously thinking they might have a crack at winning the league.

Key word, though, is ‘thinking’.  These are heady heights for Spurs whose idea of success merely two seasons ago was to compete for a top five place. Now with the likes of Bale, Van der Vaart, Parker, Modric and Adebayor playing well and a solid central defence that has seen more of Ledley King than many thought possible, there is genuine hope.  There is a genuine possibility.  The test will come when the injuries begin to pile up along with suspensions and the like.




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