Feeding Off The Love Of The Land – Stevie Wonder

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In the 1970’s Stevie Wonder put together some of the best pieces of music the world has ever heard and it is my contention that the album run from Music Of My Mind all the way through to Hotter Than July is arguably the greatest run of albums put together by any solo artist.

What marked out the run was a knack to tap into romantic and social issues with a skill and tenderness of touch that was admired by his contemporaries and has been a hallmark then and one now.

It is then all the more amazing that there was no room on any of those albums for this track. In as much as the track Visions is an amazing piece of social commentary, not even that song matches the potency to be found in this song where Stevie rightly highlights relational and social disharmony that sees man’s inhumanity to man and a gross neglect to his ecological stewardship responsibilities.

One thing to deliver such a blow in words, another to encase those words in a melodic and harmonic framework that gently takes the listener through the harsh realities of the lyrical content and yet simply elevates them above the pain and poverty. Simply superb.  It remains an enormous crime for this song to have only been released in the sundtrack Jungle Fever.

A Stevie classic to be savoured, soberly considered and responded to in love. Enjoy.




2 thoughts on “Feeding Off The Love Of The Land – Stevie Wonder

    Thank God For Stevie Wonder | Life With CD said:
    May 13, 2015 at 23:48

    […] lesson that superb truths can indeed be discovered even in the seemingly most unlikely places. (Check out this track in particular which is as good as a prophetic piece as you’ll find in any Christian […]

    […] This is the pinnacle of his work where those matters are concerned. He has written much about having a consciousness for how fit in the world around us, but he has never topped this masterful work. You can listen to it today and still be moved to tears at the plea in his words and the rebuke in it as well about our selfishness. It’s a song that transcends cultural barriers. It’s a song that hits the heart of our human experience. It is not just a song that makes you think or feel, it’s a song that provokes you to question why we live in a world like this and what we can do to be about the business of changing it. Not many songs can accomplish without either sounding harsh and preachy or somehow failing to connect lyrically and through the music. Stevie tenderly hits the top marks in this piece. […]

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