AF In 2012 – Plans and Schemes

I am not a hugely goal-oriented kinda guy.  I don’t paint massive visions of great things to be achieved and set timelines to reach them.  I’m not all that ambitious.

To keep me stimulated, however, there are things I like to bear in mind and there are smaller goals that I like to set for myself. Some of them observe the SMART requirement.  Some of them look to stretch me a bit further.  They keep me going and they keep me growing even if I don’t hit all the goals.

When it comes to AF, there are the basics that I like to cover, and there is the element in which the consistency of blog posts remain important.  That means you can continue to expect nusic being posted on here fairly regularly.  The video entries will also litter the entries on here.  I still love me football and so my views on what’s going on in the game will be posted on here.  Linked to that the book reviews – some of which will be on footie related tomes – will be a feature of the blog and I hope to stretch the variety of book reviews to cover issues beyond football and include more music and possibly political/social/cultural/historical reads.

2012 is looking to be an interesting year for Dr. Who and the plan is to start season 7 nearer the end of the year with filming scheduled to start in February.  Apparently that is in preparation for the plans to celebrate its 50th anniversary next year.  The gap in time offers me the chance to develop some more Dr. Who related posts.  Having recently acquired all the series since it came back on the screens in 2005, I will be ina  position to offer episode and series insights.

I did not go to the movies that often last year, and I hope to fix that and the blockbusters scheduled for this year including The Dark Knight Returns and The Avengers and with the Thatcher flick up for release soon then there is more than enough to get me visiting the cinema a bit more often and subsequently offering more movie reviews on this blog.  Not jus tmovies at the cinema will be found here, but also reviews and talking points on me fairly broad interes in films as a whole should be represented in some shape or form blog-wise over the year.

The area that let me down last year and remains the area in which I’ll be challenged and stretched will be getting interviews on here.   There are a few people I have in mind to interview and share there stories on here.  With arrangements going in my favour I hope to make those dreams a reality and also innovate the blog in other directions – but for those exciting developments you, like I, will just have to wait and see.  It’s going to be good, it’s going to be exciting, it’s going to thought-provoking, it’s going to be funny, it’s going to be serious.  As I say on many a log, when it comes to AF in 2012 – enjoy.



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