That That Was The Year That Was …

The AF blog is definitely a work in progress and anyone looking at the state of the blog back in 2006 in terms of variety, regularity and quality will see great strides of improvement have taken place in the five years since then.

2011 has seen further progress on the road to developing a quality diverse interests blog. There have been some real high points in the year and yet still room where the blog can progress.

The book reviews were trundling along nicely in the first half of the year.  It’s not that I stopped reading books, and to a large extent it’s not as though I stopped writing about it.  What happened, however, was the technical material I used for notes did not easily translate to the blog, and there is a hard drive somewhere with a number of book reviews waiting to be uploaded.  I’m pleased with the reviews that have been uploaded this year.

When it came to wrestling, up to WrestleMania I was happy to keep the monthly updates going.  Since then however interest in reporting on what just appeared to be passing the time was not worth my time.  There have been some highlights especially the Punk/Cena feud and its culmination in the Money in the Bank PPV, but not much other than that.

The ongoing constant has been the football coverage.  Whether it’s been reviewing the end to a historic season for Manchester United or considering the racism scandals that have affected the game of late.  Unlike the wrestling counterpart, the football has been a great source of material and it is a pleasure to continue blogging on it as and when the issues arise.

 2011 has also seen efforts at series whether it was the movie series or a little something on Dr. Who, these have been trialled to varying degrees of success.  A highlight of this was the James Bond series in the late Summer and Autumn. It was brilliant being able to look at each Bond and consider who was indeed the best.  Even for me it was a surprise seeing who turned out as my preference.

This wouldn’t be AF if it wasn’t for the quirky blog entries and the new sponsors of the blog and the particular one who would never make the grade are good instances of showing that there’s more to the blog than covering culture – it’s just as much about the different takes on the things we take for granted.

Music has not been as dominant on the blog in 2011 as in previous years, but the entries are still there and reflect a taste in music that is not bound by current fads and trends.

With the comedy entries and the improved regularity as well as evident larger viewership, overall it’s been another step in the right direction.  things have only slowed down towards the end of the year and that has been down to the need to reflect and relax a bit more. Thank you for support in reading the various posts on this blog, whether it;s a one off or a regular reader, liking posts and merely reading them is a privilege enough for me.  Recalling what I’d plan to do in this year, I didn’t achieve all the goals, but I’m relatively pleased with what has been accomplished in the year.

Business is scheduled to pick up soon and as for what to expect in 2012 …




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