Batman Begins: Movie Review

Reboot. Until the age of the personal computer that probably just meant kick him again. Now that term has virtually nothing to do with kicking anuthing other than the past to the kerb.

The decision to reboot the Batman movie franchise following the flop that was Batman and Robin, was in many ways a brave decision. Was the viewing audience ready to see a new take on a familiar hero? In another way Batman Begins had little to lose. With the previous film being a flop, the worst it could do was consign the franchise to more wilderness years in scriptwriting. Good thing, then, that this film not only successfully relaunched the franchise, in many ways it reinvigorated the experience of watching super hero movies.

That began with selecting Christopher Nolan to oversee and direct the project. Where his predecessors had either veered towards dark comic portrayal (Burton) or light comic portrayal (Schumacher), Nolan discarded the comic approach completely. This film is a dramatic approach with as much realism as a super hero concept will allow. To go to the origins of Batman and what shaped his approach to justice plays strongly on elements people can relate to – tragedy, loss, control, revenge, power, fairness. For the majority of the film these take the foreground of the film. Action really ramps up towards the end as the strands are drawn together towards the conclusion.

A brief on the story sees Bruce Wayne struggling to come to terms with the shooting of his paremts at a young age.




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