Girl Blue – Stevie Wonder and The Main Ingredient

If the average music lover was asked to name a Stevie Wonder track off the top of their head I dare say hardly anyone would come up with this song if they were given 15 different tracks to suggest.  That is the measure of the artist and the incredible body of work he developed over the past 49 years.  This comes from his Music of My Mind album which was the ignition to his amazing run of big albums from Talking Book through to Hotter Than July. It acts as a good bridge between the teeny-boppy poppy stuff that marked his 60’s stuff, and the maturing work that would establish him as a music genius in his own right.

Despite the fact that the track wouldn’t be in people’s Stevie Wonder All Time Top Ten, it didn’t stop others from covering it.  The thing about a cover, though, is that you set yourself up in a challenge with your own take from someone so accomplished.  The Main Ingredient put in a meaty effort to give a memorable rendition of the Wonder classic.  The effort is worthwhile if anything just as a reminder of how good the original is.




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