Happy Birthday Ian Rush

When I think about prolific goalscorers in the Premier League today in as much as they have good records, I can’t think of a predator who matches the talents of Ian Rush.  The brother is 50 today and this is an appropriate tribute to his phenomenal contribution to the art of goalscoring.

Being as prolific as he was comes as all the more remarkable when considered in the context of a team that played at the very highest level.  He didn’t score in easy matches, he had the pressure to keep it up whilst under pressure like no other striker.  He was made to score goals more than anyone else of his generation in British football.  People mention Lineker, but Rush was better.  People might even talk about Sharp for Everton, but again Rush was better.

Since then Shearer has been prolific, Van Nistelrooy was prolific, Henry was prolific.  I guess now you’d be mentioning the likes of Drogba or even Van Persie’s impressive Arsenal record.  For all that, Rush for a predator was just in a different class. Simple as that. Enjoy.




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