AF Is Sponsored By … Strawberry Fruittellas

Strawberry Bon Bons and I - We're back on friendly terms (Source: Google Images)

Recently I shared the good news of the resolution on the sanctions imposed on strawberry bonbons. More good news has come about on the strawberry stakes as I am pleased to announce another sponsor of AF. Let me provide some context.

I love chocolate. You know that. In fact one of the most viewed entries on this site is about a chocolate sponsor! Yet sometimes a season is called for to deny myself of chocolate. Yes it’s true, sometimes I must needs say ‘No’ to chocolate. In those brief seasons I explore alternatives for me sweet tooth and although my love for fruit has grown again exponentially, there are other options I’ll consider. One of those takes me back to the day.

The Day, as you must know, refers to the bliss of childhood and among other indulgences I was afforded, I had the opportunity to engage in the love of sweets. Funnily enough, the sweets were usually fruit flavoured which is a bit of a con when you think about it. Something bad for you on a whole flavoured by something good for you on the whole! Anyway, I had the Fruit Pastilles phase and there was an extended period of loving Chewitts. Above them all, though, was a love for Opal Fruits, which as you should know was made to make your mouth water if the tagline of the product was to be believed. I really enjoyed OF, the variety of flavours, however, could be somewhat divisive because as soon as a pack was purchased, the scramble was on to get the better flavours. So it wasn’t unusual for a bunch of orange and lemon ones to be left behind amidst the tears of disappointment in missing out on the preferred lime and especially strawberry.

Those were the days my friend - we called them Opal Fruits before the corporate silly-billies got in the way (Source: Google Images)

Seasons come and seasons go and soon my love for OF’s waned. Of course it also followed in the way of the classic chocolate Marathon (which is now inexplicably called Snickers, why they didn’t just call it Chuckles I don’t know) and got renamed Starbursts. Now why on earth they called it that is still left open to question. A question for which I suspect there’s no really compelling answer. So things like that and the general growing up deal brought an end to the season of those sweets.

Hey you! Strawberry Fruittella - Don't ever change on me now. (Source: Google Images)

In recent times, however, things have changed. Once upon a time I found meself in a shop about to purchase nappies for me youngest daughter. The cost of the nappies was just under the minimum amount you could spend using a debit card, so I was a bit stuck as to what to purchase. So on a whim I went past the chocolate section, chuckling at Snickers as I did so, and came to the sweets and was unmoved by the range of sweets before me until I came across a reasonably priced four-pack of Strawberry Fruittellas. No other flavours involved. No lemons and orange to reject. All strawberry! Good start and the clincher was the obvious – here was a sweet that was nominally bad for me flavoured by something good for me! After that it was a no-brainer.

On tasting the the purchase I was immediately sent into the world of blissful ecstasy. Now you can chew on these or you can suck them. I tend to extract the flavour via the sucking action in a similar procedure to my bonbons approach. Unlike the rogue bonbons, as I render the juices a part of my system the structure of the sweet just virtually melts away into juicy strawberry goodness in me mouth. Simply superb!  So it takes its rightful places among the esteemed sponsors of this site joining another strawberry product.

Strawberry Fruittellas – never be renamed into something ridiculous because I love you!




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