Introducing Movies on Monday

AF works well as a mixed bag of blog entries. From one day to the next you can expect something on a subject that differs from the day before. In recent months there’s been a concerted effort to give shape to the variety.

Books have been well represented on the blog as has football, pro-wrestling, Dr. Who and of course music. In recent weeks AF has had the Bond feature including an assessment on all six actors who have played the star role in the official film franchise. With the success of that and the significant role films continue to play in culture, now it’s time to push the movies interest, thus Movies on Monday.

People talk about Mondays as a bad day, but it’s not all that bad at all and hopefully the regular posts on the topic will reflect the positive things to consider on a Monday. The slot won’t be just for movie reviews it will cover a range of issues that surround the film world, whether it’s considering great actors or having a look at movie franchises, the MoM should offer enough for a talking point as of a lunchtime on a Monday.

Among the plans for series in MoM coming soon will be a look at how super heroes have tanslated onto the big screen. That and much more will make up your Movies on Monday cheer-up quota. Enjoy.




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