AF Is 5 Years Old – Celebrating With Its 1000th Entries

Although this is not a party political web-site, Cameron knows who to thank for getting him into Downing Street with AF's first post. Whether that's a good or bad thing ...

This week the Among Friends blog celebrates its birthday (five years old so still a nipper, but at least it’s talking and knows how to look cute and be rude simultaneously) and this entry is significant as it is the 1000th blog entry to be posted on the blog.

So it is time to celebrate and give thanks for the growing nature of the blog starting from its humble beginnings as a ramshackle blog with a variety of entries.  The first one was actually written by Manic-Si and was spookily accurate in suggesting the similarities between Tony Blair and David Cameron were there to be seen even from his speeches four years before his first General Election.

Since then the blog has exploded with different themes being addressed not always looking to be on the cutting edge of current affairs, but often had pertinent posts on quality entries.  From the beginning it was clear that football and books would play a big part in the blog.  Music became an issue also from the beginning and the funny stuff would be crucial to the make-up of the site.  Wrestling has been a big deal on the site since the early days also and has been a prominent part of the blogs as the momentum has gathered.

It has been great being able to this right here for five years and 1000 entries - here's to plenty more where that came from.

From the early months where I was still getting used to blogging and it wouldn’t be unusual for a number of posts to go up on the same day and days, weeks and occasionally months would go by without a post, a rhythm developed in the blogging to the present day.

The ethos of AF has been a forum to share bits and pieces from pastimes and interests that is worth sharing among friends.  With the popularity of YouTube and other video sharing sites that made it all the easier to share video clips of music tracks or funny television episodes.

As the blog matured, thought, there became more room to consider issues in extended written form (of course with pictures!)  The significant breakthrough came with the first review on a Dr. Who programme in 2009 reviewing The Waters of Mars – this unleashed a series of television and book reviews that have now become a staple part of AF life.  There has also been the enjoyable occasional series on those who ‘sponsor’ the blog, with more scheduled for the coming months!

Here's the brains of the outfit - dmcd himself

The evolution of the blog has seen it steer away from having a batch of entries on the same entry posted consecutively to spreading blogs over a given time period so every day hopefully you’ll come across something different – football one day, a music track the next, a funny entry the day after that and perhaps a book review after that.  This is all to highlight the fact that this is a blog of variety and although some of the themes will remain constant that will deter from the variety of the blog.

It has been a pleasure to oversee the first five years of the development of this blog.  It remains a pleasure to come across something of interest whether online, on TV, in a book or in-life that’s worth sharing Among Friends and as with all of life it is a growing process – mistakes still to be made and good blogs still to come.  Thanks for being part of the journey even whether it is in reading this entry or a random entry at some point, I hope you enjoyed your time here and will continue to do so in the days, weeks, months and years to come.



Postscript: Oh and just to say following the Strawberry Bon-Bons scandal of last year, I have since discovered it was a brand issue and not all strawberry bob-bons become malevolent toffee nasties.  So they have been forgiven and depending on the brand I will enjoy the occasional sucking of them.


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