Night of Champions – PPV Perspective

So I watched the PPV last night and as yet I’ve not read notes about or watched the following Raw. There were some solid matches and performances as well as some inevitable disappointments.

The Miz/Truth conspiracy remains an interesting mid-card story well played out. It’s a pity that their interference in the main event made no sense at all. What’s the point in beating up both competitors?

The Intercontinental title match should have been a platform to raise Ted Dibiasie even if it was a rush job. They failed in that though you can see promise if Ted if they somehow got their act together.

The fatal four-way for the US title was good – Ziggler has to be one of the top heels in the business at the moment and with a bit of good writing this Vicki Guerrero faction could work out just fine especially if it’s headed by ADR. Pity that Morrison and Riley were fodder for the Ziggler/Swagger issue, but at least they had PPV time.

The Divas match had the most amazing atmosphere I’d seen for a divas match since Lita/Stratus days. It’s one thing having home crowd backing but Beth Phoenix had the equivalent pop and support as Punk at MitB in Chicago. So the decision to let Smelly-Smelly retain was odd. To be fair the match was a better example of what female wrestlers can do and Smelly held her own, but did she ever look out of sorts being booed out of the building. It adds credibility to her reign to get a clean and legit win, but that belt should be either with Beth or Natalya.

Let me sort out the main event now, after all the name of the PPV is Night of Champions so I’ll sort out the main titles later. The reason why Punk/HHH is the big deal is because it’s their effort to keep Punk in the spotlight and make him into a bona fide member of the Cena/Orton strata of top stars in the company. Either that, or they’re burying him by showing how he doesn’t have the chops to make money like the those top guys and especially like the only wrestler to have maintained the top spot in the company for most of the time since 2003 namely Trips. Elements of this feud have been interesting but the overall feel to me is that it’s been underwhelming. Not all the fault goes to Trips and Punk cannot carry the can – it’s just a fairly hackneyed effort to make Punk/HHH a revised McMahon/Austin deal, but flopping because Trips is still a viable effort for a main event wrestler and the COO gimmick doesn’t cover that. The result of this match reinforces that as well as perpetuates the intrigue behind who is stitching up Punk at every turn. Nash’s involvement was as predictable as Tuesday following Monday and that added nothing to an already bizarre match. So it was only fitting that an underwhelming feud had an immensely disappointing and underwhelming PPV main event. I get it that you’re continuing the saga, but at least do the favour of putting it in the semi-main event slot rather than stinking up the last scene on the PPV.

Yet I can see the reason why they put it last considering how they’ve told the stories of the main belts. First the Cena/ADR feud has been another case of a step back for Cena from the progress made with Punk. Again it’s more a problem with booking, rather than with Cena per se. The MitB concept thrives on being opportunistic, for Cena to discredit a wrestler when they did this devalues the concept. To then have him beat ADR reinforces the point and does nothing for ADR’s character. Indeed as far as conspiracy storylines go ADR, Truth, Miz and Punk have quite a lot to go by on current performances!




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