Honouring The Fonz

Whatever I was going to put up on here today is overshadowed by the awesome news I read today concerning Henry Winkler receiving the OBE from the Queen for his services in highlighting and addressing dyslexia especially with young people.  It is well worth reading the BBC report here and also checking the video there as well.  (My favourite part of the video was the poor bloke presenter attempting to know what the Fonz catchphrases were only for his female colleague to render it better than him anyway!  Winkler’s retelling of those ‘catchphrases’ is cool also.)

Fascinating seeing the photos of the hombre receiving the honour, it really shows how he’s not as tall as I made him out to be when he was the Fonz – what an iconic character that was.  To know that he’s applying that to such a worthy cause is a tremendous things to know.  For him to be honoured and get some more publicity for the positive memories – yes and the happy days – he provided is something worth smiling about.

Go Fonz.




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