Lady Is A Tramp – Frank Sinatra

Not long ago I was celebrating a song from The Last Crooner – Mr. Tony Bennett and I referred to my admiration for the works of Frank Sinatra aka The Chairman of the Board.  I didn’t track down all that he ever did, and you won’t find any of his material on me music playlists now, but back in the day (that day being my teenage years) I was interested in the guy enough to hear his songs and also read a little on him.

One of the tunes I liked was this one.  I listen to it and consider the kinda guy Frank conveyed to the public and the kind of entertainer he was and compare that today and notice how things have changed.  Yet to be fair even in his time there wasn’t really anyone quite like Frank.  When you get the time just trace the number of live versions of this track that are available and you’ll see a consummate master of his art at working ensuring each rendition has its own memorable kick about it that the listener will take home as a treasured souvenir.  They don’t make them like him anymore, but when he cam around the mould was thrown away anyway.  Here’s to your memory Mr. Sinatra. Enjoy.




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