Tie Your Shoes … How??

As Stevie sang it, looking back on when I was a little knotty-dreaded boy, I used to wear shoes with laces on.  At first I’d get the shoes with the laces already laced in the shoes and I just had to tie them.  Of course as part of the growing up process I then had to learn to put me laces in.  I only learnt of one way to do that.  Soon tying me shoes became a chore especially as it involved reaching my shoes when they were on my feet and I could not be bothered to stretch.  So it was a happy day when I was informed about the shoes without laces!!

Imagine my wonder then at this diagram showing the different ways to lace up your shoes.  Wowsers.  Ofcourse that has done nothing to change my laceless shoe living, but hey it’s fascinating knowing.

HT: The Meta Picture




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