Hats Off To Mel Blanc

Was I brought up on cartoons?  What do you mean was I brought up on cartoons?  Was there anything else?  What like parents?  Or community?  Or essential values to help in life?  Don’t be silly – of course I was brought up on cartoons.

Of all of them, the WB set featuring characters like Bugs Bunny, Porky Pig and Daffy Duck were my absolute favourites.  Never liked Disney really.  Didn’t find Donald, Mickey or Goofy in anyway interesting.  I was well into the adventures of the WB guys, especially Bugs Bunny.  I could spend hours watching those cartoons.  Later on I appreciated the great animation/artwork that goes in to making those, the music and background sounds was something I also grew to love and obviously for a writer like myself I knew that the whole thing had to be scripted and structured in the mind of someone, so I loved the whole writing trick.

The biggest deal though and what marked these out from just being animated was the distinct voice of the characters and to know that more often than not one guy was responsible for the voices made me sit back in awe.  Before the talents of Dan Castellaneta and Seth MacFarlane were purveyed in different characters, Mel Blanc was THE man for cartoon voices.  In fact for all the skill and ability that these later guys show, Blanc for me is still THE man for the voices.  What a talent.

Even after all these years since he passed from this mortal coil as long as there is a cartoon needing a distinct character with an unforgettable voice, the memory and brilliance of Blanc will live on. Enjoy.


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