The Importance of the Fantasy Football Team

So you select your players and make your choice and hope they can tally the points for you. This is not my team and I'm not with this FF provider, but you get the drift.

Before he left for a better job, my good work colleague helped to set up a Fantasy Football (FF) league.  There are now nine teams in it representing nine football fanatics not just in the local work area but also with some of my former colleagues from up north.  When you put a FF team together, your loyalty to the team you support goes out of the window.  It’s about getting as many points as you can within the budget set.  That means checking your knowledge of the best players in the game for the canny fees available.

Back in the day I’d choose a newspaper to run a FF team in, select me team and more or less leave it.  I would not be bothered about the score and after the initial rush of interest, the other parts of life would get involved and I would just ignore it and leave it well alone.  That was, however, because I wasn’t playing the league against people I knew, and neither was I paying that much attention to what was going on in the game.

So my team will be on a table like this ... by the end of the season Dynamo Dryden will be top

Things are different now.  Good friends of mine are in that league.  Friends with whom I share good banter are on that league and now it is another source of rapport.  As a result, I can hardly just pick any old team and leave it.  Oh no.  I watch the matches more often than not, I have a vested interest now more than ever before.  Indeed, now such is the interest that teams that I would not be bothered with and even at one point ‘hate’ are now teams I want to see win, and not only win, but win big, get lots of assists and goals and of course keep those clean sheets.  It is bizarre.  It is fun!

Now I would share with you members of the team that I have, but that of course would be giving away details that might inspire others to follow in my wake.  Let me say, though, that I have strong representation from Man Utd, Man City and Liverpool.  Chelsea are also there.  Other than a few nominal mentions of Aston Villa, Wolves and Stoke City my hopes rest on the top clubs doing well.  Notice no players from North London and that makes perfect sense when you consider both teams are either in transition or getting used to the fact that they don’t matter that much anymore.

My team is called Dynamo Dryden (obviously, like) and at present we are in third place, which is admirable seeing as though we are a week behind other teams that started and accumulated points.  Of course because it’s a team I put together, I’m very confident it will do well.  I’ll keep you posted as the season goes on.




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